Daily Routine Makeover: Guide To Focused Action, Productivity Hacks, Stress-Free Performance [ebook free] by Zoe McKey (epub/mobi)

And when the deadline arrives – Panic Time!! You don’t know where to start. 
The time to start changing is right now. Otherwise, you are in the danger that you never will. Learn to focus on your most important tasks and get them done before deadline. 
Daily Routine Makeover examines the causes and solutions of procrastination like no other book before. You’ll get to know the various ways how procrastination invades your life. Then I share with you easily learnable and executable solutions that will make your day more productive, focused on the tasks that really matter. These solutions helped billionaires, “normal people”, students… basically, everybody who used them. 
This book shows all you have to know about how to make over your delaying habits into new, productive systems in only 28 days. What’s more, you’ll get seven different valuable programs to destroy your delaying habits. Add to these numerous examples and real-life experiences to illustrate the programs. 
I used to have terrible habits and was a master procrastinator, and it troubled me a lot feeling stuck in a rut. I read lots of books on the topic, I tried many tips, and I collected the best and most effective ones in this book. Right now I can manage my day-to-day routine in a system where I can fit the family, my friends, time spent on research and writing and coaching also.
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