The Happiness Animal [ebook free] by Will Jelbert (epub/mobi)

Happiness can be exercised just like a muscle. Happiness expert Will Jelbert reveals how to hone five muscles as the foundation of happiness health. He presents five simple exercises for each muscle – from developing patience, offering a stranger a tissue, to being radically honest – ultimately leading to sustained happiness. Backed by research from the world’s leading psychologists and happiness experts, and full of entertaining yet poignant anecdotes, The Happiness Animal provides a candid road map to a better life. Jelbert complements this road map by openly exposing both his own struggle with unhappiness and his success is finding happiness health.
“Jelbert has captured an immense understanding of the inner workings of society’s struggle to find happiness with a whole hearted and honest truth. The exercises explained are an excellent route back to the inner being of happiness. A must read for everyone!”
Sadie Oliver, LIFE magazine 
“Jelbert has an incredible ability to say things that are logical and obvious, although without somebody pointing them out in the clear way he has done, most of us don’t ever think them. He identifies the power of awareness, but before I read his book I was not even aware of many of my own thoughts” ~ Danny Lawrence, BBC 
“Jelbert writes with honesty, authenticity and animation that allows the words on each page to come alive and live within the reader” ~ Lucy Proud, The Art of Being
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