Adopting The Minimalist Mindset: How To Live With Less, Downsize, And Get More Fulfillment From Life [ebook] by Ben Night (epub/mobi)

Minimalism is all about spending your time with the most valuable people and objects in your life. Things that truly add value to your life. Discovering your passions in life are very important and will help you stay focused on your way to a minimalist life. You would be surprised at how many people have gone through life without discovering their hobbies or true passions. Many minimalists have combined their budgeting with their passions and have discovered a way to make their passions a full time income. By surrounding yourself with your passions and removing distractions you will find that you are naturally looking for ways to monetize your passions.
A new revolution is currently taking place, one that looks set to change how we view ourselves and the objects around us. This new, groundbreaking revolution is the practice of minimalism. In a society consumed by debt, greed, and envy, this new trend looks to change the way we think about everything in our lives. We spend our entire lives chasing happiness by chasing our peers, consuming, and collecting goods. But with depression and anxiety at all time highs, this trend is clearly not working.
This Book Will Discuss:
The benefits of minimalism
How to practice minimalism
How to organize your home and your life
How to remove your ego from purchasing decisions
The habits of highly effective minamalists
How to cut your bills 
Over 50 tips saving money, cutting bills, and spending time on your true passions
Much, much, more!
This has led to the rapid rise of a new age of living: living simply. The minimalist focuses more on time and presence then on objects. Happiness, helping others, and self-fulfillment are at the top of minimalists’ priorities. They realize that happiness does not come from consumption, but that true happiness comes from within. Spending time creating memorable moments is a much better experience then spending time on a new object.
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