Living Successfully with Screwed-Up People [ebook] by Elizabeth B. Brown (epub/mobi)

You can be positive–no matter who tries to bring you down.
Unfortunately, the world is full of screwed-up people. But the good news, says Elizabeth B. Brown, is that your world no longer has to revolve around them. With brilliant insights and a keen sense of humor, this trusted author shows you how to: 
  • take back the power from the difficult people in your life 
  • respond productively when confronted 
  • remain poised and in control when everyone around you loses it 
  • win fairly in unfair battles 
  • let go of the past and live triumphantly now 
Dozens of real-life success stories, brief diagnostic tests, and practical tools are included to help you assess your own unique situation and gain the confidence to live successfully with screwed-up people.
You can stop being the victim of others and start loving life in spite of them.
Password to Extract: ebook4expert
(the zip file is encrypted twice)

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