Declutter Your Mind: Twelve Secret Steps to Clear Mental Clutter for A Lifetime of Peace and Bliss [ebook] by Michelle Evans (epub/mobi)

Imagine if you could clear your mental clutter and double your happiness, love and inner calm in just 12 simple ways presented to you in easy- to- follow baby steps which only takes 10-15 minutes each day? 

This book is definitely NOT the typical ” keep your place neat”, “throw out your junk out” or ” clean according to your room” type of advocate to declutter your mind. 

What you will find in this book delves much deeper into the 3 parts of human :-lifestyle/emotions/heart connection to realistically and effectively clear mental clutter. 

In this book, you’ll learn:
• Why clear minded people avoid Apple-like stores at all cost 
• Why you need to be selfish to have clarity in mind 
• How you can do less yet achieve more and be happier & peaceful 
• How the #1 killer of mental peace -“FOMO” as studied by Oxford University can be conquered immediately without a single dime 
• How to clear mental clutter instantly in 3 steps even when you are in a bad mood 
• And, much much more. 

The bottom line? 

If you have a desire to free yourself from the constant mental chatter that is weighing you down and have the freedom to breathe and live at ease, then you should check out Declutter Your Mind.

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