Give Me Liberty!: An American History [ebook] 3rd Edition by Eric Foner (PDF)

Give Me Liberty! is the leading book in the market because it works in the classroom. A single-author book, Give Me Liberty! offers a consistent approach, a single narrative voice, and a coherent perspective throughout the text. Threaded through the chronological narrative is the theme of freedom, and the significant conflicts over its changing meanings, its limits, and its accessibility to various groups throughout American history. Inside this new AP® Edition, you will find study tools to develop writing, thinking, and primary source skills that will help you succeed on the AP® United States History examination. Accompanying the book are rich multimedia supplements to help you review and explore further.

Special Features of the AP® Edition of Give Me Liberty! include

– Overview of the AP® United States History exam
– AP® test-taking strategies
– AP® Skills Handbooks that help you interpret primary source documents, visual documents, maps, and political cartoons
– Practice Document-Based Questions (DBQs) and Free-Response Questions (FRQs) to help you prepare for the test
– Chronologies, Key Terms, and Chapter Outlines that help you review
– Focus Questions and Review Questions

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