Confident You: An Introvert’s Guide to Success in Life and Business [ebook] by S J Scott (epub/mobi)

How to Succeed in an Extroverted World (Without Changing Who You Are) 

Being an introvert can be frustrating… The world applauds extroverts, so it’s easy to feel left out in the cold. As an introvert, you know it’s important to be outgoing, social and a good leader, yet these behaviors don’t seem natural. 

The truth is that success in life often comes down to how well you sell yourself. This means behaving in a manner that doesn’t seem congruent with what’s inside. In simple terms, the world around us requires introverts to behave in an extroverted manner. 

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Introversion can be a good thing. Without introverts, society would be full of outgoing and social people but a lot fewer artists, analysts, scientists, doctors, writers, engineers, and designers. On the other hand, the world often celebrates and rewards extroverts, often leaving introverts out in the cold. 

Instead of trying to make you an extrovert, the goal of “Confident You” is to help you capitalize on all the positive aspects of being an introvert, while helping you overcome the less positive aspects of introversion.

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