Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account [ebook] by Miklos Nyiszli (epub/mobi)

Auschwitz: A Doctor Eyewitness by Dr. Nyiszli is about a Jewish doctor experience as an assistant for a Nazi, Dr. Mengele. Dr. Nyiszli arrived to the Auschwitz concentration camp with his family unsure if he and his family would survive. Dr. Nyiszli volunteered to be an assistant for Dr. Mengele, a Nazi war criminal that conducted experiments on prisoners. During his time Dr. Nyisizli was exposed to the extermination of innocent people and other atrocities committed by the SS. Dr. Nyiszli was also convinced that his death was coming but he did everything possible to survive so that he would one day tell the world what happened in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Dr. Nyiszli makes it out alive after a series of events and unites with his family afterwards. This book is important because it is an eyewitness account of what happened in Auschwitz and should always be a reminder of the evilness mankind is capable of.

When the Nazis invaded Hungary in 1944, they sent virtually the entire Jewish population to Auschwitz. A Jew and a medical doctor, Dr. Miklos Nyiszli was spared from death for a grimmer fate: to perform “scientific research” on his fellow inmates under the supervision of the infamous “Angel of Death”: Dr. Josef Mengele. Nyiszli was named Mengele’s personal research pathologist. Miraculously, he survived to give this terrifying and sobering account.
The best brief account of the Auschwitz experience available The New York Review of Books

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