Creativity On Demand: How to Ignite and Sustain the Fire of Genius [ebook] by Michael J. Gelb (epub/mobi)

Do moments of inspiration have to be few and far between-or can you develop the ability to access your deepest creativity any time? Michael Gelb has discovered the missing key that allows genius to flourish: an open, reliable connection to the vital life energy we all possess. “The practices for accessing energy have been developed for thousands of years in yoga, martial arts, and Chinese medicine,” Gelb says. “I’ve asked today’s greatest living masters of these arts to contribute their most effective practices for cultivating creative energy-in a way that the average person can do in 20 minutes or less.”
With Creativity On Demand, Gelb teaches a series of simple and potent practices to clear blockages and open the flow of creative energy. He then reveals how these techniques can be integrated with the renowned creative mindset and creative process tools he’s taught to individuals and organizations worldwide. The result is Michael Gelb’s most powerful work yet on unlocking our potential to innovate and achieve.

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One thought on “Creativity On Demand: How to Ignite and Sustain the Fire of Genius [ebook] by Michael J. Gelb (epub/mobi)

  1. The link is broken! Plase could you fix it?
    i´m making a research about genius and I need this book. I need it too for my creative writing.

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