Mastering Manifestation: A Practical System For Achieving Absolutely Anything You Can Imagine [ebook] Adam James (epub/mobi)

Manifestation is the ability to create your reality as you wish. The ultimate goal of manifestation is to infuse your life with infinite excitement, fulfillment, awe, purpose, and passion. 
Reality creation is very simple. State what you want, and then remove all obstacles to achieving your desire. You don’t do this through force or hard work, because this doesn’t work. You do this by learning the smart (and most effective) way to remove your hidden obstacles.
The only obstacles standing between you and your desires is your subconscious limiting beliefs. Most people are unaware of this, so they take no measures to remove their limiting beliefs, and consequently fail at their manifestations. This book contains the fastest and easiest method currently available for removing limiting beliefs, and a massive list of limiting beliefs you can remove immediately to manifest your goals. 
Once your limiting beliefs are removed, (which can be done easily in less than a day with the technique in this book) you can optionally use tools such as visualization and affirmations, (tools which have been used by all great achievers and successful people throughout time) to further align your (subconscious) mind to achieve your desires in a fast, enjoyable manner. 
It’s really this simple. You can keep reading all the “Power of your Subconscious Mind” and Law of Attraction books you want, it all comes back to the core teachings. 
After you’ve learned and implemented the core concepts, if you want to get even more advanced, you can learn the little known power of Sex Transmutation used by historic achievers such as Nikola Tesla, Napoleon Hill, Mohammed Ali, Bruce Lee, Albert Einstein, and many others – to attain infinite creative ability, wealth magnetism, unwavering confidence and unstoppable productivity. 
Mastering Manifestation will clarify all of this and even more for you. 
The information and instructions in this compact guide will be useful to both beginners and very advanced practitioner’s alike.
Anyone can learn this, even a 12 year old. Unfortunately not many people will come across this book. For those of you who have stumbled onto this page, you’re in for a life full of fulfillment, uncontrollable joy, and limitless success, because you now have the keys to gaining complete mastery over your reality.

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  1. Hi, do you have the supplementary bonus guide? With the list of limiting beliefs?

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