The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True by Richard Dawkins (free ebook epub/mobi)

Richard Dawkins, bestselling author and the world’s most celebrated evolutionary biologist, has spent his career elucidating the many wonders of science. Here, he takes a broader approach and uses his unrivaled explanatory powers to illuminate the ways in which the world really works. Filled with clever thought experiments and jaw-dropping facts, The Magic of Reality explains a stunningly wide range of natural phenomena: How old is the universe? Why do the continents look like disconnected pieces of a jigsaw puzzle? What causes tsunamis? Why are there so many kinds of plants and animals? Who was the first man, or woman? Starting with the magical, mythical explanations for the wonders of nature, Dawkins reveals the exhilarating scientific truths behind these occurrences. This is a page-turning detective story that not only mines all the sciences for its clues but primes the reader to think like a scientist as well.

“It’s the clearest and most beautifully written introduction to science I’ve ever read … Explanations I thought I knew were clarified; things I never understood were made clear for the first time.” Philip Pullman “I wanted to write this book but I wasn’t clever enough. Now I’ve read it, I am.” Ricky Gervais “Prodigiously illustrated and beautifully designed … I cannot think of a better, or simpler, introduction to science.” Guardian “From the first sentence it reads with the force and fluency of a classic … a luminous, authoritative prose that transcends age differences.” The Times “With fabulous illustrations by Dave McKean, Richard Dawkins’ The Magic of Reality is an outstanding science book. Written in a simple. conversational style that will appeal to adults as well as teenagers, it really does explain complex subjects clearly. Every home should have a copy of this beautifully produced book.” ~ Marilyn Brocklehurst 

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  1. It’s so sad this book no longer available 🙁
    Thank you for this site though.

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